Independent Actor


TELMMA is the 1st  independant property manager in France (by turnover).


Thanks to our 100% private capital, we have a total independence with no conflict of interest.


Our story

TELMMA was born from the outsourcing of the property management activities of AXA that was sold to Sodexho in 1999, giving birth to ALTYS GESTION.

In 2008, the family-owned group J.R.B.C. (family Andrieu) buyed ALTYS GESTION which became TELMMA.

TELMMA grew also in 2010 by the acquisition of the agency in Lyon and in 2012 by the acquisition of the property management firm Optimege (Dalkia group).


Our commitment

TELMMA has been involved for many years in the professional circles such as the IEIF, the CECIM, Association Fiji (member of the Board of Directors), association APROMA (founder - member of the bureau)...