Constitution and Operation of inter-company restaurants and Services

Our belief is that the intervention of TELMMA must participate to promoting the image of the owner with its tenants. That is why we imagine and deploy concrete solutions to meet the expectations of our customers through inter-company restaurants and services to occupants.


We are specialized in constitution of associations and organizations of collective catering, that we also manage as part of our contract (management of all issues such as accounting, legal and coordination of all the contractors).


TELMMA carries out the implementation, monitoring and management of all types of services : Concierge (shoemaking, laundry, delivery of shoppings, hairdressing, etc...), nursery, fitness room... Thus, TELMMA enhances your building through the establishment and management of high-quality services.

Our strengths :

  • a dedicated department
  • Expertise and consultancy services in constitution
  • Development of new services to occupants