Project, Green, Health and Safety Management

TELMMA assists you on all questions related to the management of works, the achievement of environmental certifications (BREEAM, HQE, LEED) and all security issues (HSE: health, security and environment).


Thanks to our team of specialists, we have the skills to conduct major works operations on occupied or vacant workplaces and on complex assets such as Installations Controlled for the Protection of the Environment and High Rise Buildings :

  • Architects
  • Sustainability engineers
  • Health and Security engineers
  • Civil engineers


Our well-established works procedures are integrated with our ISO 9001 quality approach.


Thus, each year, TELMMA supervises €20M to €40M of works under "MOD" contracts or "AMO" missions.


Our strengths :

  • Health and Security department
  • Start of operations on new buildings
  • Pioneer team in sustainability