1M€ of savings on electricity bills

Using the NOME act, Telmma has renegociated the electricity contracts of most of the buildings under management.

Throughout the parc managed by Telmma, Telmma has successfully managed to bring down the electricty bills from 6 M€ to 5 M€, creating 1M€ of savings for its clients and tenants.


Our approach :


Since the opening to competition of the electricity market in July 1, 2007, all consumers can freely choose their electricity supplier.

The regulated sale rates proposed by the historical providers, set by the Government for non-residential consumers will be revoked on December 31, 2015 (for subscribed power greater than 36 kVA ). Only free offers, proposed by all providers and freely fixed by each vendor, will exist.

To meet the needs of its customers, TELMMA:

· Identifies sites consumption profiles

· Analysis the new contractual terms incorporated into new contracts not regulated electricity (contract period, services, etc)

· Pilot calls for tenders to provide the best possible rates

· Optimizes the purchase price of electricity

TELMMA controls the transition from regulated to deregulated market market and assists its Clients in the choice of electricity supplier for the implementation of the new contracts for green and yellow fares. These services are supported by the budget of expenses of the assets.